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Build an agile workforce now. Access the talent you need, wherever it is.

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Get the work done


brainsfeed unleashes the creativity and expertise of the crowd to generate innovative business solutions for leading organisations. All our independent consultants are vetted and verified. They work remotely and on-demand.

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Today everyone could be part of your team


Internet connectivity, global talent markets, and communication tools give you unlimited access to the professional crowd.


Manage millions of brains and 16 ZB of data 


Get access to complete solutions, not superficial and scattered information that is difficult to synthesize. 

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Try brainsfeed and see the difference

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We solve your problems

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We orchestrate crowd-based solutions. We take your issue, break it apart, find the right specialists for each piece, and put everything back together. You get a complete and customized solution – whatever your industry, geography or business challenge.


A wide range of services

You have a problem; they have the solutions



Problem Solving

Get solutions to your toughest problems. 



Get instant feedback on your UX/UI, find and fix bugs, improve your product.



Get the market data you need. Tasks to be done. 


Crowd-consulting Made Easy

Collaboration with hundreds of different brains

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