We are building the smartest brain of earth

We at Brainsfeed embrace the power in knowledge & believe in the strength of shared awareness. We create a pool of most authentic brainpower to solve the toughest questions thrown at us. Biological brains combined with artificial intelligence is a ‘match made in heaven’ & we bank on every aspect of it for research & results.

Our technological platform provides the most brilliant brains - something flexible as well as reliable to meet all kinds of requirements and provide quick resolution without much hassle. Our customers receive the best brainpower, unlimited & absolutely at their fingertips.

We aim to take virtual research on demand notches higher! An end to end solution to business enquires backed by accurate data & actionable facts resulting in the positive evolution of any business organization.

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Aurélien Vasinis  CEO

Aurélien Vasinis


Amarjeet Ghatak  Project Manager

Amarjeet Ghatak

Project Manager

Geoffrey Gaillard  CTO

Geoffrey Gaillard


Vincent Boulanger  Product Manager

Vincent Boulanger

Product Manager

Irfan Ali  Data Scientist

Irfan Ali

Data Scientist

Gautam Roy  Back End Clojure Developer

Gautam Roy

Back End Clojure Developer

Alex Gathuku  Business Developer

Alex Gathuku

Business Developer