We connect all brains

A decentralised network of brain power, on demand. 


Build an extension of your own brain 

Be a stakeholder of the collective intelligence platform.

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Private Network

Invite the people you know and group them. You can use a specific network when you create a mission. You can add/remove anyone from your private group whenever you want. You can chat with them and send some tasks. You can invite people by email or with a link. 


Shared Network

Join an incubator, the Alumni group of your University, your company. The rule is simple. If you belong to a shared network, you can send private messages to any member. You can send them an invitation to collaborate on a project.   

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Public List

Join a list of Web Developers, Marketers, Data Scientists, or Copywriters to receive relevant missions. Anyone on the platform can invite you to a specific mission if it matches the skills of the public list you joined.