About your data

At Brainsfeed, we consider that your data belongs to you. Which means:

  • We do not sell your data.

  • We store them using state of the art security practices and compliant technologies.

  • You can always access, update, remove any of your data¹.

Login credentials

Password Authentication

Your login credentials are secured using IS0 27001, 27017, and 27018 compliant tools. Your password never leaves your browser, is not processed by our backend system, and is never stored in any layer of our system². Your email address might be transmitted to other services, including:

  • our mailing system: Sendgrid (sendgrid.com),

  • our customer support tool: Intercom (intercom.com),

  • our federated authentication system: Cognito (aws.amazon.com/cognito).

When you close your Brainsfeed account, your personal information related to Brainsfeed is removed from these services automatically. Please keep in mind that other websites or apps you use might use these services too. Closing your Brainsfeed account does not guarantee all your personal information will disappear from these services. Only the ones coming from Brainsfeed will.

Social Sign Up

If you signed in on Brainsfeed using your Facebook, Google, or Linkedin account, then:

  • We only know your email address.

  • Your email address is processed the same way as described in the Password Authentication section.

  • We do not know your Facebook, Google, or Linkedin password.

  • We cannot reset your Facebook, Google, or Linkedin password for you.

Your activity on the platform

Brainsfeed is a social platform, which means the content you produce is accessible to people you decide to share it with. When you close your account, the content you didn't explicitly delete is anonymized. It is not correlated anymore with your identity on the platform. You can ask us to remove some content you produced, but we cannot delete it if:

  • You got paid for creating it: this content does not belong to you after the payment.

  • The removal would result in intellectual information loss for any parties you have been working with, or for, on the platform under a contract.

Uploaded files and pictures

Third-party services do not process files and pictures you upload on Brainsfeed. We process and store them in our own system. Pictures are made available on the platform via anonymous links. If you close your account, your uploaded picture will not be displayed on the platform anymore.

¹ If the platform doesn't allow you to access, update, or remove any of your data, it most of the time means the feature doesn't exist yet. Please feel free to contact the support or drop us an email, and we will assist you.

² We use SRP (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Remote_Password_protocol)